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We are an innovative and evolving hub of small scale business, arts & heritage. Based on sound social and environmental principals, we are committed to bringing together people, place and skills to create action -

locally and organically


Cotesbach Estate is the surviving core of the ancient lordship of Cotesbach, a cluster of historic buildings including the Hall, Manor, Stable Yard and Schoolhouse, (now part of the Cotesbach Educational Trust), and an area of organic farmland to the south of the A426.  The Hall has been home to descendants of the same family since 1768 when Robert Marriott took on the land and the living as Rector of Cotesbach. 


Thousands of documents are preserved in the CET Archive, some from Jacobean times when the enclosure of land triggered a notorious peasant's riot in 1607.  Today, the Stable Yard is a thriving hub of the community, where history is tangible and our own story a dynamic one.  Group tours and educational opportunities can be arranged via the CET but please do visit both websites for more information. 


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