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Farm & Woodland

About the Farm

The farm consists of around 65 acres of organically certified land and woodland on the other side of the A426.  Jason’s flock of sheep graze the ancient ridge and furrow parkland, and the arable area is managed on a five year rotation of alternating grain crops and a rich semi-permanent clover and grass ley which is grazed and used for hay. 

We have established around 650m of young hedges, of which a stretch laid in 2012-13 has become a fantastic wildlife corridor, a habitat for nesting birds, and a source of wild fruit. 

Currently within a new Countryside Stewardship agreement, we undertake to protect these hedges, the field margins and environmental areas which provide flower-rich areas for bees, birds and insects and overwinter supplies for farmland birds. 

The Pigeon House built by Tom on the site of a tumbledown barn is a perfect focal point, a unique creation yet also a reminder of past generations of farmers who have worked this same spot, and a place for serenity and quiet observation of nature.  Holistic management of the woodland ensures it remains as a buffer between the estate and the world beyond. 

The motto ‘Farming, not harming’ makes sense to us, in our awareness of issues facing agriculture, food security and the planet, and our desire to play our part. 


The Enclosures Riots

The ridge and furrow is a vestige of our medieval past and possibly even the site of the Enclosures Riot in 1607 when five thousand people from three counties gathered in what was probably the largest non-violent protest about the environment there had ever been. Their grievance was against the land being enclosed for sheep grazing which so disastrously affected their lives and livelihoods. They are known to have arrived with whatever tools they could lay their hands on, and to have risked their heads by attempting to tear down the divisions which had been made between the fields. It is also on record that the Cotesbach inhabitants fed and watered the rioters from their 'carts laden with victual'. In 2007 we celebrated the 400th anniversary of the riots and commissioned a commemorative sculpture to mark the Quattrocentenary. The sculpture is located close to the boundary where it provides a focal point for visitors on farm walks and can also be seen from the public footpath.

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Enclosures Riots here

Farm Walks

 We are able to take bookings for farm walks on request. The walk will consist of a guided tour of the Walled Garden, Ridge & Furrow via the Quattrocentenary sculpture and the Woodland, finishing back in The Stable Yard. Refreshments provided on request.

Bookings must be for a minimum of 8 - prices vary. Please bring boots, it can get muddy! 

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Woodland Activities

 We are lucky to know some great woodsmen who are very knowledgeable and qualified to deliver either half or full day courses for groups. The courses can offer anything from basic woodland skills such as fire lighting and shelter building, to more detailed programmes about tree species, edible plants and remedies and hunting. These courses are great for groups of friends & private parties and also for team building exercises. Courses are suitable for children and adults. Bookings must be for a minimum of 5. Prices vary. 

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