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What's it all about?

Right from day one at Cotesbach, we knew we wanted the place to not only serve as home to us and to small businesses, but to be a place of learning and to use the resources on site to enable people from all walks of life to learn about arts, environment and heritage. The central theme of learning here is about skills, be it weeding a carrot patch or throwing a clay pot.

In this age of technology, the art of doing stuff and making stuff and growing stuff is seemingly being forgotten. And it's not about doom and gloom, or even about making a stand. It's just about discovering our huge potential as people, pushing the boundaries of what we think we can achieve and realising that we can be self reliant and also part of a teams which flourish. And we think that knowing you can do stuff and make stuff and grow stuff is the most empowering feeling of all. 

We worked with a group to set up the Cotesbach Educational Trust which gained charitable status in 2009 and became operational in 2013. Three historic buildings including the old Schoolhouse were restored and a new building designed and built to accommodate a kitchen and cafe space. 

This is now a fantastic resource which can facilitate all kinds of learning opportunities for all ages. The Educational Trust operates as a charity independently of the Estate, but in close collaboration across the board. Have a look at their website for more information about their work, to get involved and to see what's on.

Our Objectives

• To promote for the benefit of the public the preservation, protection and improvement of an 18th century, listed Schoolhouse and two adjacent buildings in the grounds of the Cotesbach Estate by creating an educational resource centre

• To advance the education of the public, and young people in particular, in the subjects of heritage relating to the environment, our social history and the arts and the many areas which link these subjects

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